Apr 28, 2008

It's just a matter of weeks now.

  • The Emirates are controlled by filthy rich families.
  • Pakistan is a Military Dictatorship who is topped by a filthy rich American funded figurehead.
  • Afghanistan is headed by a bobble head who hopes to one day get his American aided wealth beyond imagination.
  • Turkmanistan and Uzbekistan are simple CIA puppet states again with a hand full of extremely wealthy puppet masters.
The NeoCons will get temporary control of oil but will regret having pulled the Tiger's tail.

$9 to $10 per gallon this summer?

Russian Security Deputy to visit Iran Sunday to discuss the certain pending unprovoked U.S. attack

Apr 27, 2008

Why do we keep attacking?

Because that is all we have left to export. We don't manufacture anything except weaponry.

Our Dollar is quickly becoming worthless and Oil Nations are stiffening their backs to our military threats and deciding that they are not willing to subsidize America's debt any longer via US denominated Petrodollars.

The Jig is up.

We can only drop 1 more nuclear bomb.

After that we are a pariah. Our goodwill shot.

The NeoCons will scatter from the sinking ship and remain unharmed in their new homes with their international corporate identities.

America. We are being used in the worst of ways. It is embarrassing.

US is hellbent on attacking Iran before June

Evangelicals are too far gone to understand the implications and NeoCons could care less.

Former Prime Minister of Malaysia asking for War Crimes Tribunal for these 3.

Probably 1 in 10 Americans could even name the 3rd privileged son.

Our Military spending is pure insanity.

MD 500 Defender - "Sold" to Israel and surprise surprise ends up in Columbia controlled by the drug cartels

Equipped with Night vision and Hell Fire Missiles... sold for $100,000 by IDF.

Apr 15, 2008

In a land of supposed Religious Tolerance, who is speaking out?

The Judeo-Christian heritage is based in Polygamy. These are folks that hold their Christian beliefs as paramount in every facet of their lives. We watch with passing interest as the state again comes in with tanks against citizens ready to kill and destroy true believers.

Jim Rogers - Prominent Currency Broker

" The U.S. dollar is a terribly flawed currency. I’m trying to get all of my money out of U.S. dollars. I don’t know why anybody would put money into the U.S. dollar, and by extension into the U.S., as we stand here today. The U.S. is probably the largest debtor nation the world has ever seen!

The United States’ foreign debts are increasing at the rate of $1 trillion U.S. dollars every 15 months. U.S. foreign debt is over $13 trillion, and rising rapidly. It’s the official policy of the central bank to debase the currency. They’re trying to drive down the value of the dollar. " - Jim Rogers

CEO Wages

One CEO is equal to this many employees? Wow, the employees must be REAL idiots! (not to mention the compensation committee).

It is no coincidence that most of the Wall Street firms who led the charge with these insane CEO packages are now first in line for their Government bailout via the Treasury back window.

This is no longer Democratic Capitalism. We truly have a Corporate run government, and there are formal terms for that.

McCain keeps converting. Episcopal to Baptist to now ?

Covering up state secrets is in his blood.

Good Ol Republican Conservatism - Never knew a Corporation who didn't deserve a Gov't Handout.

So while they're busy handing over billions to their trans-national corporate buddies, we accelerate as a nation into financial insolvency.

Apr 14, 2008

We destroy a country that did nothing to us and then have the gall to say they are getting a "financial free ride" in rebuilding their country.

That's like a bully knocking out your teeth, and after spending hours and hours trying to jam your teeth back in the holes, sending you home to your parents to get them fixed cause he's not going to give anymore free medical care.

It's shameful to be reprimanded by the Red Cross

There has never been a greater need for a Presidential Impeachment than right now

  1. Manipulation of pre-war data to convince the country of a threat that was known by top members of the Executive Branch to absolutely not exist.
  2. Initiated the tapping of American citizens on a grand scale completely ignoring the Watergate era FISA law Congress had set up as a safe guard against such Executive tyranny.
  3. Violated Geneva Convention and US Anti-Torture laws by executive order.
  4. Undermined Congressional authority (our most basic right) via Signing Statements.
  5. Has operated entire term as President under the cloak of Executive Privilege and State Secrets act (the hiding place of every tyrant).

There are obviously more, but these are so foundational that in order to protect our system of governance we would have to enact impeachment proceedings.

But we won't. The citizens don't care. The slide into authoritarian power has been alarmingly fast and painless, and there is no slowing this train down.

News Bulletin: We are not after Al Qaeda any longer but rather "Special Groups" (Iran).

They have to keep the language very simple since McCain just can't remember who the Shiites are vs the Sunnis and what countries these sects represent. So now we'll just use the term Iran sponsored "Special Groups". American's could care less. As long as their sitcoms are good and gas stays affordable, they don't give a hoot what is happening in their name.

In this complacent political environment, the NeoCons are full steam ahead trying hard to get this invasion started before the end of the year.

Apr 13, 2008

McCain - His Daddy was the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet, as was is Daddy's Father.

John McCain has spent his career making certain that families of MIA/POWs from Vietnam NEVER get the records released

What happened in Vietnam that John McCain does not want disclosed?

If he was simply tortured wouldn't that be great campaign material?

WHAT IS IT, other than major league CYA?

Apr 12, 2008

This answered a LOT of questions I have had about McCain.

THIS is why he has been such a greasy endorser of the Bush Torture Program. This sickens me.

John McCain 'would confront Russia and China'.... now that's a joke.

These NeoCons and surrogates go after the weak and feeble. They wouldn't know what to do in a battle where they didn't control the skies and had less then a 10:1 personnel advantage.

Russia and China have much longer histories than ours. We have been the cock on the walk for 50 years and think that is an eternity. The world has grown very tired of our bullying arrogance.

Apr 10, 2008

These men are dual citizens of Israel & America. They represent real power in American policy as front men for AIPAC. These men want to nuke Iran.

Their agenda is Israeli driven (vs any american loyalty).

And our congress is far too cowered by AIPAC's political power ($) to even speak up for what is in their constituent's interest. They just want to be re-elected...

If Americans don't wake up, we are going to see these fools drag us into a man-made Armageddon. China and Russia are NOT going to let the US military machine be led around by these war makers swallowing up energy resources for their constituents.

Tibet - What if China insisted we return the Cherokee Nation to its rightful owners


We still are using our 23.1 lbs of corn to produce 1 gal of Ethanol. We don't have a clue. Read here.