Aug 26, 2008

On April 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2003, the United States Army and United States Marine Corps disgraced themselves and the country they represent in Baghdad, Iraq's capital city. Having invaded Iraq and accepted the status of a military occupying power, they sat in their tanks and Humvees, watching as unarmed civilians looted the Iraqi National Museum and burned down the Iraqi National Library and Archives as well as the Library of Korans of the Ministry of Religious Endowments. Their behavior was in violation of their orders, international law, and the civilized values of the United States. Far from apologizing for these atrocities or attempting to make amends, the United States government has in the past five years added insult to injury.

Donald Rumsfeld, then secretary of defense and the official responsible for the actions of the troops, repeatedly attempted to trivialize what had occurred with inane public statements like "democracy is messy" and "stuff happens."

On December 2, 2004, President Bush awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian award, to General Tommy Franks, the overall military commander in Iraq at that time, for his meritorious service to the country. (He gave the same award to L. Paul Bremer III, the highest ranking civilian official in Iraq, and to George Tenet, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, which had provided false information about Saddam Hussein and Iraq to Congress and the people.)

In the five years since the initial looting and pillaging of the Iraqi capital, thieves have stolen at least 32,000 items from some 12,000 archaeological sites across Iraq with no interference whatsoever from the occupying power. No funds have been appropriated by the American or Iraqi governments to protect the most valuable and vulnerable historical sites on Earth, even though experience has shown that just a daily helicopter overflight usually scares off looters. In 2006, the World Monuments Fund took the unprecedented step of putting the entire country of Iraq on its list of the most endangered sites. All of this occurred on George W. Bush's watch and impugned any moral authority he might have claimed.

The United States government seems never to have understood that, when it began the occupation of Iraq on March 19, 2003, it became legally responsible for what happened to the country's cultural inheritance. After all, the only legal justification for its presence in Iraq is U.N. Security Council Resolution 1483 of May 22, 2003. Both the United States and the United Kingdom voted for this resolution in which they formally acknowledged their status and obligations as occupying powers in Iraq. Among those obligations, specified in the Preamble to the resolution, was: "The need for respect for the archaeological, historical, cultural, and religious heritage of Iraq, and for the continued protection of archaeological, historical, cultural, and religious sites, museums, libraries, and monuments." Every politically sentient observer on Earth is aware of the Bush administration's contempt for international law and its routine scofflaw behavior since it came to power, but this clause remains an ironclad obligation that will stand up in an international or a domestic U.S. court. On this issue, the United States is an outlaw, waiting to be brought to justice.

In 1258 AD the Mongols descended on Baghdad and pillaged its magnificent libraries. A well-known adage states that the Tigris River ran black from the ink of the countless texts the Mongols trashed, while the streets ran red with the blood of the city's slaughtered inhabitants. The world has never forgotten that medieval act of barbarism, just as it will never forget what the U.S. military unleashed on the defenseless city in 2003 and in subsequent years. There is simply no excuse for what has happened in Baghdad at the hands of the Americans. Chalmers Johnson, August, 2008

Aug 25, 2008

America the beautiful for ...... forget it. We're just 2nd rate police state preparing for total martial law once the financial collapse commences.

Walter J. "John" Williams - A.B. in Economics, cum laude, Dartmouth College, and M.B.A. Dartmouth College

The U.S. economy is in an intensifying inflationary recession that eventually will evolve into a hyperinflationary great depression. Hyperinflation could be experienced as early as 2010, if not before, and likely no more than a decade down the road. The U.S. government and Federal Reserve already have committed the system to this course through the easy politics of a bottomless pocketbook, the servicing of big-moneyed special interests, and gross mismanagement.

The U.S. has no way of avoiding a financial Armageddon. Bankrupt sovereign states most commonly use the currency printing press as a solution to not having enough money to cover their obligations. The alternative would be for the U.S. to renege on its existing debt and obligations, a solution for modern sovereign states rarely seen outside of governments overthrown in revolution, and a solution with no happier ending than simply printing the needed money. With the creation of massive amounts of new fiat (not backed by gold) dollars will come the eventual complete collapse of the value of the U.S. dollar and related dollar-denominated paper assets.

What lies ahead will be extremely difficult and unhappy times for many. Ralph T. Foster, in his "Fiat Paper Money", closes his book’s preface with a particularly poignant quote from a 1993 interview of Friedrich Kessler, a law professor at Harvard and University of California Berkeley, who experienced the Weimar Republic hyperinflation:

"It was horrible. Horrible! Like lightning it struck. No one was prepared. You cannot imagine the rapidity with which the whole thing happened. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty. You could buy nothing with your paper money."

Europeans have no stomach for the obvious lie that is World Trade Center #7

Just Amazing Video ... keep watching

Poor Government Hacks... They will be dogged by World Trade Center #7 until someone is hung for Treason.

Watch this uninterrupted BBC feed and see the deviance for yourself. Stay with it. You will find it interesting.

In a press conference yesterday, Shyam Sunder, who represents the National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] as Lead Investigator of the World Trade Center Disaster, introduced himself and said:
I am here to summarize the findings from our three-year study of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

The collapse of WTC 7 has been a source of extensive speculation. No planes hit the building. There was damage to the building from the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 1, which was about 370 feet to the south. [...] But despite damage that severed seven exterior columns, Building 7 remained standing.
I've snipped a reference to a map showing the location of WTC 1. I've also snipped other references to visual aids and some more-or-less tangential material, so we can concentrate on Shyam Sunder's explanation of what happened to WTC 7.

Here's how it happened, according to Shyam Sunder:
The debris from Tower 1 [...] started fires on at least 10 floors of the building. The fires burned out of control on six of these ten floors for about seven hours.

The city water main had been cut by the collapse of the two WTC Towers, so the sprinklers in Building 7 did not function for much of the bottom half of the building. Nevertheless, other tall office buildings have burned for as long or longer in similar fires without collapsing—when sprinklers either did not exist or were not functional.

So we knew from the beginning of our study that understanding what happened to Building 7 on 9-11 would be difficult.
It certainly would be. And the difficulty sprang from two sources.

First, NIST had to find a way to dismiss all the evidence that points to the deliberate destruction of the building.

As if that weren't difficult enough, they then had to follow up by "explaining" how the tower could have disintegrated due to "natural" causes.

Shyam Sunder attacks on the first point straight-away, saying:
It did not fit any textbook description that you could readily point to and say, yes, that’s why the building failed.
... except that it did. It fit a textbook description perfectly. But that description was not admissible.

The thing is: we know what happened. We've heard from people who were there that day who were warned in advance; we've seen video of police shooing people away from the building and saying "The building's gonna blow up."

But no...
In August of 2002—exactly six years ago today, with authority and funding from Congress, NIST started its building and fire safety investigation of all three World Trade Center building collapses. The study of Towers 1 and 2 was extremely complex, and as a result, we had to place our study of WTC 7 on hold. In September of 2005, with the study of the towers complete, we began the study of Building 7’s collapse in earnest.

We conducted our study with no preconceived notions about what happened.
That's probably true. But it's clear that they had some powerful preconceived notions about what didn't happen!
We gathered evidence, we analyzed that evidence, we constructed computer models grounded in principles of physics and using detailed data on every aspect of the building’s construction, detailed information on its contents, videos and photos of the event, and witness accounts.
All this evidence would have been carefully selected, to be sure.

Among other damning details, NIST had to ignore:
  • witness accounts of bomb damage in the building before the planes hit the other towers,
  • witness accounts of evacuation and a countdown before the building was demolished,
  • a televised interview with the building's owner, in which he explained when and how and why the decision to destroy the building was made, and
  • the fact that the demolition was announced to the world by an allegedly reputable international news agency, before it even happened!

An Erudite and Succinct 6 Min Synopsis of our unprovoked attack of Iraq and possible positive outcome.

Aug 18, 2008

Wake up america ... 20,000 nukes.... quit harrassing the Bear

President Medvedev of Russia yesterday promised a “shattering blow” against any foreign power that moved against Russian citizens.

“If someone thinks they can kill our citizens, kill soldiers and officers fulfilling the role of peacekeepers, we will never allow this,” Mr. Medvedev told a group of Second World War veterans in Kursk. “Anyone who tries to do this will receive a shattering blow.”

He continued: “Russia has the capabilities - economic, political and military. Nobody has any illusions left about that.”

While Opie and Anthony (above) hold themselves in glee over believing their invincibility per their neocon press. It's not enough that they have destroyed our economy, reputation, Treasury, Goodwill and killed / displaced millions around the world. They (neocon bosses) will not be satisfied until the big war gets underway for control of all the oil / power. These are sick people that have taken over america.

Aug 15, 2008

Lost when they came home
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

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While the Bush administration is busy once again antagonizing Superpower Russia and inciting Georgia�s attack on South Ossetia, let us turn to some of the administration�s less flashy claims to fame: the shocking suicide rates of soldiers returning from Iraq, more than twice the number of US civilian suicides. The figure in 2005 alone ran at the rate of 120 suicides a week, according to CBS News, which described this tragedy as a Suicide Epidemic Among veterans.

The age group most severely affected is the 20- to 24-year-olds, a tender age in any locale, when a young man is wetting his feet in the tides of life let alone war. For those young men exposed to the violence of Iraq and the demands that were made on them (which too often seemed totally immoral), their suicides run at twice the rate of non-veteran suicides, between 22.9 and 31.9 percent per 100,000 as opposed to 8.3 percent per 100,000 of non-vet deaths.

Like the decent boys they were, they fulfilled their duties, obviously at an unbearable price. They returned with horrific memories of what they saw and had to do and with demons that just could not be shaken. In fact, they shied away from veterans organizations, believing the afflictions they had developed were unshakable.

One young man hanged himself with a double-looped rubber garden hose in the family garage. Another shot himself on Thanksgiving Day. Still another jumped off a bridge. All were in the prime of their lives. The stories in the linked study are heartbreaking, the video that accompanied it gone, removed, replaced by an ad for the United States Postal Service ( and an ExxonMobile ad that boasts, �Taking on the world�s toughest energy challenge.� Right, we know all about that.

In a blog response, a reader begged that returning soldiers should be met immediately upon return by veterans� organizations and scheduled for psychological care. But it seems, once the Army has gotten its share of killing out of a soldier, it cannot extend itself to immediate help for these kids.

They are left to languish with the haunting nightmares. This is more than callous and unjust. It is still another disgrace for an administration suffering from dementia. Scarier is that the current Republican candidate, John McCain, who plans to continue these wars �for a hundred years� if necessary. It seems he learned nothing from his own bad dreams of Vietnam.

The McCain nightmare

As Wayne Madsen reported, the Navy recently released McCain�s military record after a FOIA request from the AP. Particularly bizarre were McCain�s antics on board the USS Forrestal in 1967. McCain was personally responsible for the deadliest fire in the history of the US Navy. That catastrophe, with 27 dead and over 100 wounded, leaves McCain�s record as a POW in North Vietnam in the dust.

Madsen�s report also appeared in the June 8 Rock Creek Free Press. It said �McCain and the Forrestal�s Captain John K. Beling were warned about the danger of using M-65 1000-lb bombs manufactured in 1935 . . . deemed too dangerous to use during WW II and, later, on B-52 bombers.

�The fire from the Zuni missile misfire resulted in the heavy 1000 pound bombs being knocked loose from the pylons of McCain�s A-4 aircraft, which were only designed to hold 500-pound bombs. The unstable bombs had a 60-second �cook-off� threshold in a fire situation and this warning was known to both Beling and McCain prior to the disaster . . .

�McCain �wet-started� his A-4E to shake up the guy in the plane behind his . . . �Wet-starts,� done either deliberately or accidentally, shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft. McCain�s �wet-start� apparently �cooked-off� and launched the Zuni rocket from the rear F-4 that touched off the explosions and massive fire. The F-4 pilot was reportedly killed in that horror. . . .�

Yet, McCain�s father, Admiral John McCain, Jr., who was commander-in-chief of the US Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR), was tied up covering up details of the deadly, pre-meditated June 8, 1967, attack on the USS Liberty by the Israeli Air Force. The combined deaths that the father and son McCain were responsible for came to 168, with 234 injured.

So what is learned?

Given this sobering tale, what would we expect for returning and even active soldiers from a McCain presidency? What has the �100-year warrior, wet-starter� learned from his experience? And I might ask the same question of draft-dodging George Bush and Dick Cheney. They did not dodge the draft out of principle, either an anti-war or pacifist stance. They simply desired not to serve. Yet, these are the commanders in chief of our soldiers.

Bringing this back to those soldiers whom we are losing at home, what improvement in dealing with the alarming veteran suicide rate could we expect from these leaders? Very little I suspect. Yet the Bush administration continues to ask more and more of our fighting men and women, that is until the wheels fall completely off them and they�re left in a scrap pile. If that seems cruel to say, so too is it cruel to read those statistics and the comments of the families of the lost.

What�s more, beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush bellicosity threatens to attack Iran, this time with the help of Israel, which also had in hand in the training of Georgian soldiers, and sold massive amounts of arms to Georgia, as well. The usual suspects keep turning up hither and yon, the new nexus of nuttiness, the US, the UK, and Israel. Iran, of course, is being accused of developing its nuclear power for weapons of mass destruction (where have I heard that before?) while Israel�s 200 nuclear warheads are for what?

In addition, it has been reported by top Internet writers, like Madsen, Larry Chin, Mike Whitney, Karl Schwarz, Paul Craig Roberts and others, that the US and Israel had been stoking the Georgian leader to commit this stupid attack on South Ossetia. This has occurred just as the CIA has continued to stoke the flames 0f the Chechnyan �insurgency� to the northeast in Russia for years now. The ops are to create havoc and instability.

Therefore, you could easily end up with a NATO or American army facing down a Russian army in the bye and bye. And the bodies will keep coming home, dead or to die, charged by men who never faced a battlefield in their lives. And even the one that did, McCain, did more damage than good. Yet it is the sons and daughters of America who must pay for these men�s mistakes, over and over again.

Looking back to Vietnam

Finally, what these lost-at-home suicides bring to mind are those Buddhist monks of Vietnam who set themselves aflame to protest the conflagration around them. These are images that linger forever on the eye�s mind. Those monks� sacrifices are oddly reminiscent of our American suicides, giving their lives to awaken the conscience and anger of a sleeping befuddled Congress and citizenry, which ironically largely supports McCain on defense.

In my heart, I think those lost boys committed their last heroic act, horrific as it might seem, in trying to wake their country up to what is going on. The question is do we get the message, whether from a burning monk of 40 years ago or from a dangling corpse of a young man today, tossed aside like an old tire by the war makers safely ensconced in their bunkers in hell.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York. Reach him at

Aug 14, 2008

This latest taped police thug beating in Denver is just a precursor of the gang war in the works for the Democratic Convention

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

Watch your back, Dick Cheney! Actor Ed Asner, former Dallas Cowboy Mark Stepnoski, and formerly famous hip hop group Arrested Development are leading a petition drive to get a referendum on New York City’s November ballot that would establish a new 9/11 investigation. If the group, called 911 Truth, can collect 30,000 signatures before September 4th, the City Council will be required to consider the measure, which calls for an investigative panel with subpoena authority.

Former Senator Mike Gravel (who would join the panel along with former senator Lincoln Chafee, Asner and 9/11 widow Lorie Van Auken) tells NY Mag that “the original commission didn’t get to the bottom of anything. We need to investigate from scratch.” Among the “Top 40” reasons the group gives to doubt the official story of 9/11, from their website:

  • "Al-CIA-da?" The longstanding relationship between US intelligence networks and radical Islamists.
  • Flight 93. Did the Shanksville crash occur at 10:06 (according to a seismic report) or 10:03 (according to the 9/11 Commission)? Does the Commission wish to hide what happened in the last three minutes of the flight, and if so, why?
  • Pentagon Strike. How was it possible the Pentagon was hit 1 hour and 20 minutes after the attacks began? Why was there no response from Andrews Air Force Base, just 10 miles away.
They currently have over 25,000 signatures from New York City residents, and volunteers are fanning out around town, with another group, We Are Change, staking out the World Trade Center site.

Anthrax killer Hair Samples don't match the FBI/CIA's patsy

This pitiful puppet pair are leading us down the road to chaos (which their handlers want more than anything else)

FoxNews wasn't prepared for these Ossetian-American survivors

Aug 13, 2008

Israeli forces lead Georgian troops in massacre of thousands of innocent people completely unprovoked (which is of course no surprise)

I can't help it if you don't know Khazarian jewish convert history, but Georgia is the Ashkanazi homeland. The Jewish presence in modern Georgia is no coincidence. LOOK AT THEIR FACES. THEY OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE SEMITIC FACES.
Then they get their surrogates in the western media to say that Russia's defense of their citizens is an attack and out of proportion. The Russian Bear is well rested and ready to take on these NeoCons who tried to rape their countries natural resources when they were down.

“Georgian” Minister Temur Yakobashvili (Dual Israeli citizen)

“Georgian” Defense” Minister Davit Kezerashvili ("ex" Mossad)

This is the Iranian quote that gives muddled minded evangelicals cause to support the crazed NeoCons in obliterating the Iranian people.

"The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time".

Word by word translation:

Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).

Is this cause for a nuclear winter? Are there any sane minds in the military that can stop this insanity?


While the false "wiped off the map" extract has been repeated infinitely without verification, Ahmadinejad's actual speech itself has been almost entirely ignored. Given the importance placed on the "map" comment, it would be sensible to present his words in their full context to get a fuller understanding of his position. In fact, by looking at the entire speech, there is a clear, logical trajectory leading up to his call for a "world without Zionism". One may disagree with his reasoning, but critical appraisals are infeasible without first knowing what that reasoning is.

In his speech, Ahmadinejad declares that Zionism is the West's apparatus of political oppression against Muslims. He says the "Zionist regime" was imposed on the Islamic world as a strategic bridgehead to ensure domination of the region and its assets. Palestine, he insists, is the frontline of the Islamic world's struggle with American hegemony, and its fate will have repercussions for the entire Middle East.

Ahmadinejad acknowledges that the removal of America's powerful grip on the region via the Zionists may seem unimaginable to some, but reminds the audience that, as Khomeini predicted, other seemingly invincible empires have disappeared and now only exist in history books. He then proceeds to list three such regimes that have collapsed, crumbled or vanished, all within the last 30 years:

(1) The Shah of Iran- the U.S. installed monarch

(2) The Soviet Union

(3) Iran's former arch-enemy, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein

In the first and third examples, Ahmadinejad prefaces their mention with Khomeini's own words foretelling that individual regime's demise. He concludes by referring to Khomeini's unfulfilled wish: "The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time. This statement is very wise". This is the passage that has been isolated, twisted and distorted so famously. By measure of comparison, Ahmadinejad would seem to be calling for regime change, not war.

Israel just about has our ships staged for the obliteration of Iran

Let's review.

In modern history Iran has NEVER attacked another country. Ever. Iran is the final piece in the NeoCon puzzle for middle east oil CONTROL.

Iran will fight to the death. Russia AND China will fight with a united front to keep these insane NeoCons from wholly controlling the world's major reserves.

Our congress is completely under contract with these NeoCons and are unable to voice any objections to the destruction these maniacs are having on the once loved United States of America. (much less make ANY changes)

Aug 11, 2008

U.S. and Israeli Troops led Georgian troops in a massacre of AT LEAST 1,800 ethnic Russians in Ossetia

Russians have their eyes wide open. They WILL NOT let these NeoCons (who attempted to suck Russia dry in the 90's) go unimpeded from here on out.

That means war folks. And we have let these imps drag our nation to the lowest morale ground.

Israel has just about used up our nation.

Again. Georgia is the TRUE homeland of these NeoCons (not palestine)

Jewish Georgian Minister Temur Yakobshvili on Sunday praised the Israel Defense Forces for its role in training Georgian troops and said Israel should be proud of its military might, in an interview with Army Radio.

"Israel should be proud of its military which trained Georgian soldiers," Yakobashvili told Army Radio in Hebrew, referring to a private Israeli group Georgia had hired.

Yakobashvili, Georgia's minister of reintegration, added that this training provided Georgia with the know-how needed to defend itself against Russian forces in the clashes which erupted last last week in the separatist region of South Ossetia.

Yakobashvili said that a small group of Georgian soldiers had able to wipe out an entire Russian military division due to this training.

"We killed 60 Russian soldiers just yesterday," said Yakobashvili. "The Russians have lost more than 50 tanks, and we have shot down 11 of their planes. They have enormous damage in terms of manpower,"

Yakobashvili warned that the Russians would try and open another battlefront in Abkhazia and he denied reports that the Georgian army was retreating. "The Georgian forces are not retreating. We move our military according to security needs."

"There was no attack on the airport in Tbilisi. It was a factory that produces combat airplanes," said Yakobashvili referring to the attacks in the country's capital.

"The whole world is starting to understand that what is happening here will determine the future of this region, the future price of crude oil, the future of central Asia, and the future of NATO," the Georgian minister added.

According to him, "every bomb that falls over our heads is an attack on democracy, on the European Union and on America."

As long as the "brave" IDF storm troopers are shooting Palestinian kids in the head, or beating up a handcuffed "detainee," or clubbing elderly Palestinians in the skull, they are some of the "bravest" troops in the world.

But when the other side rares up and fights back, as we saw in Lebanon in 2006, the Khazars put their tail between their hoofed feet and run.

Security consultants? Right. And the US doesn't send combat troops to countries it's trying to subvert, only "military advisers."

Even a blind man can see what's going on here. Zionists like Leviev are trying to corner the oil and gas fields in the resource rich Caspian Basin region, to enrich themselves and to make Israel's port of Haifa the oil capital of the world.

Georgian fighting drives out Israeli security consultants

By Ora Coren

NeoCons Call for US to launch war on Russia.

Word to you NeoCon idiots and pudgy evangelical sidekicks..... Russians have thousands of nukes.... Russians have a huge standing army (itching to redeem itself) .... Russians have advanced weapons technology...... Russians are energy self sufficient..... Russia HAS NO DEBT.

This would be a REAL war of parity. Not a remote control policing job you've been muddling through these past 7 years.

Are there ANY real conservatives out there besides Ron Paul?

Aug 10, 2008

This can't be shown too much

We are functional idiots

Why america HAS to attack Iran

An American on the ground.... LISTEN. The american media is completely unreliable at this point.

"DC Madam" knew she would be suicided for her threats to publicize her list of chubby evangelical war perps

She fought a good fight.

Georgia is truly the Ashkanazi homeland

( The Israeli-Georgia connection is estimated to be worth $1 billion, according to a former Georgian ambassador to Israel. The Jewish state and private investors have provided military assistance and advisors to Georgia, where pipelines pump oil destined for Israel. A new pipeline is being built to bypass Russian territory.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Israeli companies in Georgia have begun evacuating their staff and that Israeli tourists are leaving for home.

Oh there were mercenaries... NeoCons are itching to get this war (fire) started.

Americans watch. These are your funds at work.

I can't help it if you pay no attention to how our government is creating havoc around the world. At least have the courtesy to watch the suffering your tax (debt) is creating.

Of course Cheney has done incalculable damage to america. But the KEY is it could ONLY have been done under the protection of AIPAC.

Aug 9, 2008

Official thugs exert another pummeling followed of course by a taser.

Evangelicals love this crap. Just won't be so entertaining when the real state religion rears its head.

I KNEW it! Israeli's are up to their eyeballs helping their true homeland (Georgia - Khazarian heritage).

Be wary. This could be cover for Israel's / US's attack on Iran.

Aug 8, 2008

Anthrax Patsy - Conveniently shot himself

This is such an obvious case of black ops.... but the general public snores.

Georgia invades Russia but Western Media writes up Russia's defense as an aggression. There are american fingerprints all over this.

This is definately a proxy war to see how Russia's new military equipment stacks up against american hardware.

Aug 7, 2008

9/11 myth is responsible for so much damage to our nation and the world.

Same PreCollapse Explosion.... Same neat drop into it's footprint.

11 y/o tasered "as a last resort" We are in a new reality.

and here's a Senior Citizen getting tasered. These thugs with badges are a disgrace to this country's original philosophy of liberty and civility. They are simply the new Brownshirts.

Police thugs part 54 - maybe with a few more white folks getting humiliated like this will WAKE FOLKS UP!
(Click on link above) Here is another Gangster Cop. These chumps just don't realize that their short term rush of power is so lame compared to the liberty they are destroying aiding and abetting this most powerful of fascists states.

Another Police Taser homicide - No one cares