Oct 29, 2008

Joe the $250k Plumber

This fellow represents very well the average Republican voter in the red states. The average plumber nets $45k. The likelihood of guys like Joe EVER netting a taxable wage of $250,000 is astronomically slim. Even taking any future hyper-inflation into account.

Guys like Joe are sold on the Rush Limbaugh story of rags to riches. They believe the trickle down theory so much that they will continue to vote for regressive tax systems in that oh so slim chance they might someday hit the lottery.

Meanwhile the folks with serious wealth (those controlling hundreds of millions / billions) are making out like bandits under our current tax system.

Oh so manipulated Joe.

Oct 15, 2008

Money Masters

Like I've said, I'll be AMAZED if Obama being black could be elected in the US.

We are financially and intellectually a bankrupt country.

(And I'm not even voting for Obama - Go Ralph Nader!)

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Oct 14, 2008

Amerika, meet your new U.S. Congress

("earned" $70,000,000 in 2007 and owns $414 mil in stock)
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein
"earned" $42 mil in '07 w/ stock of $220 mil
Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack
signed $165 mil signing bonus and $48 mil in stock
Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit
Xmas bonus of $14.5 mil and holds $190 mil in stock
JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon
$20 mil in 2007 and BofA stock valued at $112 mil
Bank of America Corp. CEO Kenneth Lewis
plus 3 possible Regional Bank CEO's (to be democratic)

These are the folks that are going to carve up your $700 billion.

"If you are not at the table, you are on the menu"

Glen Beck is a shill for Bush, but somehow this financial reality even hits the most dense amongst us.

Trickle Down Economics

The major bankers and foreign investors as experiencing a financial boom from this latest round of Taxpayer handouts. The banks are going to use this money to secure hard assets (not dollar denominated).

Mark my words. The dollar is doomed. Hyperinflation is not far off.

Oct 13, 2008

$566 Billion - Cost of IRAQ "war" since 2003 (which includes major graft by Corporate America)

Neel Kashkari - VP of Goldman Sachs til October 2008
(US Treasury - Asst Secretary) - in charge of $700B handouts)

Henry Paulson - Chairman/CEO of Goldman Sachs til 2007
(US Treasury - Secretary)

Cost of keeping Paulson's old firm and fellow bankers afloat while the world develerages from Wall Street's scams? Trillions.

Wall Street pays their politicos dearly to manipulate the market through their legislative actions.

There is no end to the greed and graft of this administration to their corporate constituents.

Oct 9, 2008

Video of World Trade Center #7 - Pretty Much Looks Like The Controlled Demolition Of Our Financial Markets.

The AT&T Building in Atlanta is the same heighth as was World Trade Center #7 that was imploded on 9/11/01.

You would think that this is a good opportunity to break the chains of the banking cartel's "Federal" Reserve....

Our congress (and President) are now obviously just figure heads. They have absolutely no meaningful independence.

The banking cartel purchased our country in 1913, and are now tightening their grip just like they have done to multitudes of countries around the world this last century.

FEMA Martial Law Document being passed around the Hill this week.

In the 30's, the flag waving Germans were really excited about their state cult and the coordination their corporate/military leaders gave them to get out of their financial mess. Get ready, the flags and personality cult are just beginning as well as use of the FEMA camps that have been built these past 5 years.

Our people are so mind numb from our diet and tv entertainment, that we don't have a chance.

Oct 6, 2008

Debt Video

18 Classified Reasons you should watch this video

All you Palin groupies won't even have a clue what is happening with this.

Oct 3, 2008

The Mother of all Bank Runs

Nouriel Roubini, a professor at the Stern Business School at NYU and chairman of Roubini Global Economics, is a weekly columnist for Forbes.com.

If the US can't control an american hemisphere country's market, they will accuse you of drug traffic and try to seal you off.

Evo Morales, Pres - Bolivia

Problem is, the US is increasingly irrelevant to South Americans who long ago were burned by capitalist mercenaries. And now that the US is the one facing the destruction of their currency, these countries could care less what gimmicks the americans contrive to retain their influence

American manipulation of the international drug trade and financial currencies is waning fast.

Evo Morales, be brave and fight on.