Dec 18, 2008

Obama selects two more foxes to guard the Hen House

NeoCons Gary Gensler (Treasury Asst Secretary) and Mary Shapiro (SEC).

I am embarrassed I voted at all in this charade of a government.

I don't know where the Liberal outrage is? If only McCain were in office we would have had the democrats acting as an opposition party who would give voice to evaporating liberties and sovereignty. Now we just have a triangulated people watching in "stupified" awe as their country becomes something unrecognizable.

Go back to sleep. Go back to your sitcoms, american idol and your psychotropic drug of choice.

You'll have plenty of excitement once the dollar collapses and the army/homeland security start rounding up us rabble rousers in their detention camps. (I'm quite confident you are clueless about them as well... go back to sleep).

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